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Remotely controlled main entry gate (option)
Spacious garage with a 3-m wide remotely controlled gate
Decorative fence with a remotely-controlled sliding gate
Place for bonfire or barbecue
facilities in your own garden
Modern flat roof tiling
Garden may be used to arrange jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool or gym
Anthracite windows from outside
Façade cladding made of natural wood
Electrically powered roller shutters in all windows
Decorative outdoor lighting
Aesthetic garbage containers
Bathrooms arranged directly next to the bedrooms (option)
Underfloor heating instead of radiators in bedrooms (option)
Underfloor heating at the ground floor guarantees nice warm feeling and facilitates interior arrangement
Fireplace (option)
Prefabricated stairs
HST slide window to facilitate space arrangement
Possibility to arrange a comfortable relaxing place next to window
Up to 100 power outlets all around the house
Optional recuperation and air
conditioning systems